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The Movimento Lento Association manages the maintenance, promotion and booking of the Oropa Way

By joining our Association you will get a 10% discount for overnight stays at the reception facilities and actively support our work to develop a "slow" tourist destination in the area traversed by the Way of Oropa. A commitment recognized with the Green Flag of Legambiente in 2020.

We manage the signposts maintenance, promotion and booking of the Oropa Way.

We disseminate the practice of walking and cycling as a form of sustainable tourism

We enhance a "minor" territory, off the tourist routes

We help rebuild the identity of local communities

We don't want the depopulation of small villages to happen

We create jobs, with a special focus on local youth and women

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By associating you will get 10% discount for overnight stays and restaurant meals, and you will receive the credential with gadgets of the walk.Joining is worthwhile: the annual fee is 20 €, but the average savings is 23 € (10 € on accommodations, 8 € on meals, 5 € for the credential), you save time on reservations, you support the maintenance and promotion of the Camino, and you are entitled to other benefits and discounts as listed below.

Assistance during the reservation

Exclusive service for members

Barbara and Sara will book all the stage places for you along the Way, helping you with the organization and saving you a lot of time, and if you need them they can provide personalized assistance via Whatsapp and phone.

As an associate, you will be entitled to 10% discount at the Camino's hospitality facilities and to receive the "Pilgrim's Kit," consisting of the Pilgrim's credential and a free gadget (worth €5). You will, in addition, be entitled to 10% discount on the Pilgrim's menu and the a la carte menu.


Discounts on stays

Through membership in the Association, you will be entitled to a 10 percent discount of the prices reserved for the public in the hospitality facilities affiliated with the Way of Oropa.

Restaurants on Oropa Way

If you are a member of Movimento Lento you will be entitled to a discount at participating restaurants by presenting your membership card.

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Initiatives for the members

The courses of the Movimento Lento Academy

The Movimento Lento Academy is our project to popularize the culture of slow travel: residential courses, webinars and video courses dedicated to those who are passionate about the themes of walking as a tool for personal growth and to tour operators.

In-person courses are for members only; online courses are 50% off.

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An exclusive newsletter with member-only initiatives and premium content.

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The Movimento Lento Association is the Association that manages and maintains the signposting and organize the Oropa Way.

The Oropa Way receives no public funds: through your membership fee you will contribute to the maintenance, signposting, management and promotion of the Way, and to microeconomic and social development in our area.

Of course, your support is very valuable and you can decide to join to support the Oropa Way even without taking advantage of the Booking Center. You will receive all the benefits reserved for members.

The membership card is valid for one calendar year (until 12/31 of the year in which you join).

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