Credential and testimonium

The Credential

The pilgrim's passport

The Way of Oropa can be traveled with a Credential, the pilgrim's passport, to be filled out with the stamps of the stage places, which allows you to obtain the Testimonium once you arrive in Oropa.

The credential kit + plastic bag + gadget of the Way of Oropa is free for those who book through the Reservation Center, while non-members can purchase it, after filling out this form, and pick it up at their starting point by paying 5 Euros. Proceeds from the distribution of the credential are used by the Movimento Lento APS Association to carry out the maintenance and promotion of the itinerary, and for the printing and distribution of the Testimonia.

Choose where to pick up your credential:

  • Hostel of the Friends of the Via Francigena in Santhià, email; to arrange a mutually convenient time for delivery.
    Remember to include your phone number as well.
    The hostel is located at 134 Corso Nuova Italia - Santhià, along the Oropa Way, about 500 meters from the station, where the Way begins.
  • Infopoint of the Oropa Walk, at 6 Gersen Street in Cavaglià, by appointment by email to indicating your phone number and time of arrival.
  • Infopoint of the Oropa Trail, at Via G. Massa, 23 in Roppolo.
  • Tabaccheria di Caruso Caterina, at Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 18, Valperga (also open on Sundays, mornings only). Tel: 0124658110

Tabaccheria SperumAnBen at Via Roma, 6 in Vallemosso (open daily 06:30-12:30, 14:30-19:30 and Sunday 08:30-12, 14:30-18:30)

You can purchase the credential online and receive it by mail from the SloWays website:

Click here to purchase the credential.

Click here for the credential+guide kit.  


Hikers provided with the official credential with stamps certifying the completion of one of the four itineraries, traveled on foot or by bicycle, upon their arrival at Oropa can request a "Testimonium," a certificate signed by the Rector of the Sanctuary. The Testimonium can be requested at the Sante Messe office, in the portico on the right side from the Sanctuary's Old Basilica.

Pilgrim's Mass

When registering at the Holy Masses office, hikers have the opportunity to indicate whether they wish to be present at the Pilgrim's Mass, which is celebrated every afternoon at 4:30 pm. In this case, note is taken of the presence of pilgrims from the Oropa Way, to whom a special blessing is given by calling them by name.

Points of stamping

Passage stamps are available at all contracted accommodation and at the following points along the way:

  • Santhià: Hostel of Santhià, Corso Nuova Italia 134
  • Santhià: Cascina Maresca, Moleto road 3
  • Cavaglià: Via Francigena Info Point -, Via Gersen 6
  • Roppolo: Slow Movement House, Via al Castello, 8
  • Roppolo: Infopoint of the Oropa Trail, Via Massa, 23
  • Viverone: Locanda del Lago 2.0 restaurant, Provincial Road 50
  • Magnano: Locanda del Borgo Antico Restaurant and B&B, Municipal Square, 2
  • Magnano: Alimentari del Borgo (opposite the Locanda del Borgo Antico)
  • Magnano: Monastery of Bose, Cascina Bose
  • Torrazzo: Il Bocciodromo Restaurant, Via per Sala, 2
  • Biellese Hall: Barbamatto Restaurant, Via per Zubiena 40
  • Donato: Workers' Society Bar, 2 Umberto Street
  • Campiglie hamlet: Casa Fiorita, before arriving at the Sanctuary of Graglia
  • Sanctuary hamlet of Graglia: Guesthouse of the Sanctuary of Graglia
  • Frazione Santuario di Graglia: Sanctuary Restaurant, in the complex of the Sanctuary of Graglia
  • Oropa: Oropa Sanctuary Reception Office, in the Oropa Sanctuary complex
  • Oropa: Offertory Office and Masses, in the complex of the Sanctuary of Oropa
  • Valperga: Tabaccheria di Caruso Caterina, Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 18
  • Vidracco: Arielvo Restaurant Bar, Via Baldissero, 21
  • Cuorgnè: Hotel Restaurant Astoria, Via Don Giovanni Minzoni, 5
  • Ivrea: Information Point Ass. La Via Francigena di Sigerico, Corso Botta
  • Valle Mosso: Tabaccheria SperumAnBen, Via Roma, 6
  • Hamlet of Brughiera: Shrine of Our Lady of Brughiera
  • San Giovanni hamlet: Sanctuary San Giovanni d'Andorno