App and Guide


The Oropa Way App.

SlowBi is the App for those who love to travel on foot and by bike in the Piedmont region: in the section "Staged Tours" you can access the route of the Oropa Way.

Thanks to the App, you can easily find your way around even without signposts: the interactive map allows you to view your location on the route using the device's GPS.
The App also works without an internet connection: maps and tracks can be preloaded. To preload tracks and maps, you need to select the icon in the upper right corner (gray icon with down arrow) in the description tab of each route stage.

In case of distraction an alert will warn you if you stray from the route, and you can report any problems on the routes by communicating your GPS location(click here to find out how to submit a report). To do this you can click on the triangle icon at the bottom of each stage map, and enter a description of the problem and a photo, if any.

The app was developed by ItinerAria.

The official guide

Of the Oropa Ways

The official guidebook of the Oropa Way was written by Alberto Conte and is published by Terre di Mezzo, Italy's leading publisher in the field of walking.

The introductory section delves into the history of the Ways and the Sanctuary of Oropa, and includes advice on equipment and useful information on where to sleep.

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