The cyclingitineraries

The Oropa Cycling itineraries connect the agricultural plain to the Piedmont Alps, traversing a beautiful and varied landscape.

These are routes suitable for less experienced cycle tourists, who can tackle them in two or more days with an e-bike, and they are also very enjoyable routes for more trained cycle travelers using bikes.

These are not bike paths, but routes on roads that can also be traveled by car; therefore, not suitable for families with children.

The Cycling Itinerary from Santhià to Oropa and the one from Valperga to Oropa via Ivrea are fully mapped out and equipped with signposting and accomodations. The Eastern Cycling Itinerary will be completed by the end of 2023.

Cycling itinerary - Serra route

119 Km

Circular itinerary

Cycling itinerary - Canavese route

145 Km

Circular itinerary

Connections with major cities

Connecting routes


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