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The mission of Slow Movement is to popularize the culture of slow travel as a way of life, as an opportunity to improve ourselves, society and the environment.


By joining our Association you will support our work to develop a "slow" tourist destination in the area traversed by the Oropa Trail. A commitment recognized with Legambiente's Green Flag in 2020.

Manage signage maintenance, promotion and booking of the Oropa Trail

To popularize the practice of walking and bicycle touring as a form of sustainable tourism

Enhancing a "minor" territory, off the tourist routes

Helping to rebuild the identity of local communities

Fighting the depopulation of small villages

Create employment, with a special focus on local youth and women

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As an ETS/Runts Association, tracked liberal donations from members and third parties are deductible for IRPEF purposes in the 730 or Uico forms.

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