Four paths, among nature and spirituality

In addition to the Oropa Way - Serra route, which is the most popular and frequented route, being the least demanding and the one most easily reached by public transportation, two other Routes have been fully traced and signposted:

  • The Oropa Way - Oriental route, a beautiful trek from Valle Mosso to Oropa, which can also be walked in the opposite direction to become an extension of the Serra route.
  • The Oropa Way - Canavese route, the longest route that starts in Valperga, passes through Ivrea and enters the third stage of the Serra route.

A fourth route, the Aosta Valley route, not fully signposted by us, connects Fontainemore to Oropa following the route of the historic procession that is organized every 5 years.

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Four paths, among nature and spirituality

Oropa Way - Serra route

65.1 Km

3/4 stages

Oropa Way - Canavese route

84.3 Km

5 stages

Oropa Way - Oriental route

34.3 Km

3 stages

Oropa Way - Aosta Valley route 

The Aosta Valley route, which connects Fontainemore to Oropa in two days of short length but high elevation gain, is the fourth route of the Oropa Ways.

This is a route that is neither signposted nor managed by our Association, but more importantly, it is a challenging mountain trek, with a transition crossing at 2300 m, so we recommend that you always carefully check the weather and snow conditions along the route before setting out.

The only accommodation available along the route is at the Barma Refuge.

16.7 Km

2 stages


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