Cycling itinerary - Canavese route

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Cycling itinerary - Canavese route

The bicycle path from Cuorgnè a Oropa

The Cycling itinerary - Canavese route is a route consisting of two large loops that start from the Ivrea train station and head west to the Sacro Monte di Belmonte, the Sacred Valley and Valchiusella, and east to the Serra Morenica and the Sanctuary of Oropa: it is therefore possible to ride a single loop or to concatenate the two routes.

The route is fully GPS-tracked on scenic and mostly low-traffic roads, with short sections of dirt roads, and is equipped with signage and reception facilities. It is possible to rent an e-bike and pick it up near the starting point.

The itinerary is also available on theSlowBI app, which can be downloaded for free from the stores.

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145,3 km

An itinerary that can be divided into 3, 4, 5 or more stages.

The classic route has 4 stages, for other subdivisions please see the full track view.

Fully signposted

The cyclovia is marked with blue and yellow stickers in the two travel directions from Cuorgnè to Biella, and in one direction from Biella to Cuorgnè.

Difficulty: medium

Technically easy when tackled with e-bike, physically demanding with bike.

Organized accommodation

Discounted accommodation and restaurants at all stopover places, bars and fountains along the route.

Reachable by public transportation

Ivrea can be reached by train+bike from Oropa to Biella or Ivrea station.

Orientation with App

The official app works even without internet coverage.

Discover the stages

On the foothill route

Through the Sacred Valley and the Valchiusella Valley.

On the Tracery Trail

On the foothill route

How to get there

Ivrea is located on the Turin-Aosta railway line, from Milan Central Station it takes about 2h with a change in Chivasso, and from Turin Porta Susa in 45′. The Oropa CicloVia route starts near the Ivrea movicenter. Info and schedule:

It is possible to reach both Ivrea and Cuorgnè by bus from Turin (changing at Rivarolo Canavese). Info and schedule at

Ivrea is located on the A5 Torino-Aosta highway, 1h 30′ drive from Milan, 45′ from Turin. You can leave your car near the Ivrea Movicentro, where there are several free parking lots.

If you want to rent a bicycle, it is recommended that you leave your car at the Ivrea rental point.

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Malpensa to Ivrea:

Bus to Milan C.le, train to Ivrea (with change in Chivasso) - about 3h45′ travel time

Caselle to Ivrea:

Bus to Turin PS + train to Ivrea - about 2h10′ travel time

Orio al Serio to Ivrea:

Bus to Milan C.le + train to Ivrea (with change in Chivasso) - about 4h 30′ travel time

You can rent a bike or an E-bike. Contact the Booking Center for more information.

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How to appreciate the Oropa Way every season

During the hot season the first stage can be a bit more strenuous than you might think for mileage and elevation gain because it is largely in the sun. Also, there can be a lot of mosquitoes in the Serra forest, so on the second and third stages we recommend that you carry repellent to keep them away.