THE PATH OF OROPA. "Walks. Stories at a slow pace."

May 20, 2022

The Oropa Way, directed to the shrine of the same name, takes us to the area of Piedmont that for centuries was an important crossroads of ancient devotional routes and hikers' passages in a crucial area of passage from France. It is a very attractive path for young people, who can reach the starting stage, Santhià, by arriving easily by train from Milan and Turin. A route that also encounters another important shrine, that of Graglia, for pilgrims a first encounter with Our Lady, before continuing the journey to Oropa and its mountain: one of the 9 sacred mountains of Piedmont and Lombardy, recognized as a Unesco World Heritage Site and born both as places of prayer in Europe as an alternative to the Holy Land and as a response to the Protestant Reformation.

Cammini is an Icarus Group production.
A program by Francesco Cavalli.
Written and edited by Serena Saporito.
Directed and edited by Enrico Guidi.
Narration voice: Max Alberici.